September 21, 2015

Amidst a sea of venues of all shapes and sizes, it’s not necessarily common to encounter a brewery that offers the thoughtful accommodations that Revolution Brew Pub does. Situated in the vibrant Logan Square community, one can count on an eclectic mix of patrons enjoying the food, made from scratch, and various original brews at essentially any given time. Revolution offers a well known brewery tour to the guests of weddings held there, for the curious wedding goers. Beer culture aficionados are almost guaranteed to appreciate the craft beverages brewed at on location at Revolution, and, as such, weddings hosted there have a playful reputation of reaching lively heights.

We recently had a chance to speak with the Event Planner at Revolution Brewery in Logan Square. Here are a few thoughts she had about the venue’s role in our industry:

In what ways does your venue, or service, stand out?  “Obviously you’re going to get great food and beer… We even have our own rooftop garden that we use for produce… We also do a lot of coordination, we’ll do all the decorating, we’ll tear it down, we’ll handle all of that for you… We take care of all of the little details that couples might not think of”.

What has been the biggest hurdle that you’ve faced while servicing a wedding thus far?  “Sometimes we get clients who want to do everything themselves… I always tell people to hire professional vendors who they can trust. We’ve all done this a thousand times and we know what works best”.

Favorite moments/things you’ve seen at your venue? “We had a couple where the bride’s grandma passed a week before the wedding… They were stressed out already, they walk through the door, and the bride you can tell is just overwhelmed by the world. I gave her a big hug and told her ‘we’re gonna make this the best day ever’. I could tell they were just so genuinely happy to be getting married, even through all of the bad things that happened leading up to that. They still had this really wonderful, really heartfelt wedding”.

In your opinion, what makes the best DJ? What makes the best photographer? “I love it when a DJ is a timeline stickler because my staff doesn’t have to think about it so much. I like a DJ who will take charge and has an open line of communication with my staff and me. For photography, I love it when they have a list of photos they want, and the photographer says this is what we have to do, and we’re going to get it done”.