August 20, 2015

Cage and Aquarium places a premium on real DJ services for your wedding. We believe your big day deserves it. That is why we only employ turntable DJs who possess the talent of actual mixing and beat matching and the professionalism it takes to work in the high pressure wedding industry. In this day and age, DJs who choose to practice their craft in its highest form are rewarded with two options for their audiences: digital (Serato) and analogue (vinyl). Many clients ask us “What is the difference between Serato DJs and Vinyl DJs?” Our answer is below:


Wax DJ

A DJ using only vinyl/wax

Serato DJ

A DJ using Serato



Wax VS Serato






The world of DJing is frequently stylized in popular culture as a very singular art form; There’s typically a man or woman perched behind a turntable setup mixing away, with very little elaboration beyond that. As a result, most people typically assume that real DJing (i.e. on actual turntables) has gone the way of the DoDo bird and they are destined to have a DJ who looks like they are checking their email instead of rocking your dance party. Thanks to a DJ software named “Serato”, the art form has opened up significantly on turntables, allowing for a number of possibilities performance-wise at your wedding or special event (Click here to learn more).

Of course, there is always the purist option of DJing using solely vinyl. This excludes any software elements, or anything computerized at that. This leads to clients giving away much of the control that they want on their big day. We refer to weddings that opt for this package simply as ‘Wax Weddings’. Unfortunately, in our computerized world, these vinyl sets can definitely be thought of as somewhat of a dying art form. However, we look to buck that theory. Cage and Aquarium is proud to be one of the only companies in the country that offers this service to clients at this level. We have spent several years piloting our program and curating a huge collection of records for weddings. We have several options to make this a reality.

DJs possessing the highest skill level are the ones called upon to perform these Wax Wedding sets. There is an increased performance aspect with these analogue sets too. As such, it’s been our observation that older, more seasoned guests have expressed appreciation for Wax Weddings for any number of reasons. The art form is arguably more “true”, and the general feel of it often resonates with the old-school wedding-goers among us. The DJs who are able to churn out vinyl sets are typically held in higher regard in the eyes of your guests.

The introduction of Serato, however, brought with it the best of both worlds. A Serato set implies the ability to harness a digital catalog while maintaining the analog appearance and skill level or real DJing, in an incredibly convenient way. DJs can compile playlists that are centered around exactly what a specific client wants, or has requested. Serato’s popularity can largely be credited to it’s consistent and stable functionality. There is no adverse trade-off either here, as it’s interface is nothing less than intuitive. Serato is such a great option for DJs, that it is our default package. “Wax Weddings” are an upgrade that only clients seeking an elevated option should consider.

In the effort to be all inclusive, Cage and Aquarium offers the “Wax Wedding” options of an all vinyl cocktail hour, the hybrid (our most popular package), or an all vinyl reception. Should the client desire the warmth of vinyl for the atmosphere of their cocktail hour only, but the consistency of a Serato-aided set during the reception, we can accommodate. At the end of the day, the offering of three options is all about flexibility. At an event as momentous as a wedding, no client wants to have their options restricted – and we strive to realize this in every aspect possible.

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