May 24, 2012

Cage and Aquarium is thrilled to introduce a new, completely unique, stand-out option for our clients. With the resurgence of the authentic vinyl sound, we have spent many months digging through record shops to compile a great catalog of wedding dance floor hits in their original medium. The “Wax Wedding” option is here! This will simply be another choice we offer to clients starting in 2013. Here are a few FAQs about the idea.

Will clients want this option?
That really depends. Most clients may not be interested in this service, particularly because it comes with an upgraded fee. However, we have met many music-savvy brides and grooms who would love to have this option available to them. Wax Weddings will not be for everyone, but the people who it is for will love it! Vinyl does provide a much warmer sound than compressed digital files, and this is a perfect option for clients who want their DJ choice to turn a few heads. Wax weddings will provide a unique and credible option for brides and grooms who are looking to give their guests something to talk about. At the end of the day, clients DO NOT have to choose this service if they book Cage and Aquarium.

Many of your DJs are already on turntables, isn’t that vinyl?
Not exactly. Many of our DJs use a program called Serato. This hardware/software combination allows DJs to continue using a familiar delivery mechanism (turntables), but with the convenience of a hard drive and powerful DJ software. However, it is not authentic vinyl. Serato is amazing, and has revolutionized our field. However, the “records” are stationary, and never move from the platters. Serato uses compressed digital files that are being played through a computer. When DJs are working with real vinyl, they are flipping records, pulling them from crates, etc. There is a level of “stage presence” that is sure to be noticed by guests.

How does it work? Won’t the records skip?
We will customize every event to include as much real vinyl as our clients direct. We can now do the entire wedding with actual records, however, we will recommend that certain parts of the night be backed up digitally, (i.e. the first dance, father/daughter dance, or anytime where the DJ is making announcements). We have the technology to allow us to seamlessly transition from real vinyl to digital files if needed. With that in mind, we can provide the combination of real vinyl appeal and the peace-of-mind/flexibility that digital files bring. We will also have a team of two head DJs performing for the night since spinning all vinyl sets demands much more effort. The Cage and Aquarium studio will take excellent care of the records, so any skipping that may occur will be effectively minimized.

Why does it have and upgraded fee?
Real vinyl is a medium that requires a different level of skill and attention to master. We will staff these events to ensure that at all “Wax Weddings” contain all the usual elements of a well-orchestrated Cage and Aquarium wedding. Vinyl is also more expensive to find, purchase, transport to the event, and to upkeep through natural wear and tear. All of these things pulled together are the reason for the upgraded fee.

Please let us know if you have any questions about “Wax Weddings.” We would love to answer them!

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