May 12, 2011

What is your music background/how did you get started as a deejay? I started with the drums at about 4th grade. Eventually I bought some turntables 6 years later and been learning ever since.  Never really went back to the drums.. Would like to one day soon.

Who are your musical influences and why? Some albums that really influenced me to want to be a DJ were Pharcyde – Labcabincalifornia, Gang Starr – Moment Of truth, Dr. Octagon – Dr. Octaganologist .. Now-a-days new music I find influences me every day.. There is so much music to discover (new and old) the influences just keep piling up.

Some Djs that influence(d) me are.. Rob Swift, Roc Raida, Mix Master Mike, Q Bert, DJ Spinna, Kenny Dope, Jazzy Jeff, D – Styles, Pumpin pete, Rude One, Raj Mahal, Shazam Bangles, RTST, Djinji Brown

How do you prepare for a show? I think it depends what kind of show it is.  Usually I prepare a set by creating a new (serato/vinyl) crate for that event, and practice on the turntables, the transitions, programming, and how songs flow from one to the next.

What are some of your favorite genres and what kind of crowd do those genres work with? My initial love is Hip Hop, So that is always going to be influencing my style… More recently I have been getting into Disco & House…  I think they work with any crowd, some people might not agree.  My ideal crowd is open to something new and exciting.

Tell us a little bit about Cutz on Cutz and your inspiration for it? Cutz On Cuts grew from some scratch sessions that happened with multiple DJS getting together practicing, creating new compositions..  My inspiration is to keep scratching and real Hip Hop DJing alive in this ever changing music scene.  The Chicago Local underground scene is another inspiration.. Every week we feature different guests that you might or might not have heard of.. All great talents.. We add scratches and samples over their mix.  Check it out! >

Can you also tell us about the site I used to work a 9-5 office IT job.. I could never find good mixes to fill my day at the computer.  Some friends and I would post mixes we really enjoyed on twitter.  I got the idea of putting all our tasteful mixes on a site and have it very select and eclectic.. The idea is 10 Mixes at a time.. With all previous posts in an Archive

What is one of your favorite performances as a DJ? Setting up, Planning, & performing with Rob Swift @ Dark Room would have to take the cake.. He is a true inspiration to me.. I saw his group for my first concert when I was in High School.. He is a legendary DJ and to have him on my side and be cool with him is like a dream come true.

Do you have any upcoming gigs to tell us about? I do every Third Saturdays (May 21st, June 18th, etc..) @ Simone’s . 960 w. 18th St. I play with live instrumentalists (keyboard, horns, bongos, guitar) its always fun and different.. i use the turntables kinda like my drums and let the other guys fill it in with their instruments..

4th Fridays @ Rodan (May 27th, June 24th, etc.. ) .. Soul Inspired Music.. Blaxploitation Movies .. With me,  Raj Mahal and special Guests every month..

Cutz On Cuts will be at Ultra Lounge May 13th and Sub T May 27th…

DJ Moppy is also performing at Futureshock on May 13 at O’Malley’s West – 2249 N Lincoln Ave. The event is Cage and Aquarium’s annual fundraiser for Chicago Public Schools.




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